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We are a distributor of Dymonic Caulk, a high-performance modified polyurethane joint sealant designed for moving joints. Because it never completely cures, it is ideal for joints that undergo dynamic movement over time.

Come by to check out our supply of Dymonic Caulk, a high-quality sealant from Mexico. We carry it in multiple colors, so you'll always find a match for your project. We also carry caulk guns and accessories and various sizes of backer rods.

Dymonic caulk will not crack like many other sealants as it actually moves with the joint.

  • Expansion and Control Joints

  • Precast Concrete Panel Joints

  • Windows

  • Doors

  • Panels

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Designed for moving joints

Dymonic caulk is ideal for:

At T.C. Rentals, we pride ourselves on being a very fair business, even in terms of your rental period. For example, if you are 4 days into a 3-day rental, instead of charging you by the day or for an extra day, we'll give you the weekly rate to save you money - whatever is better for you.

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